Different Types of Sewing Machines

Different Types of Sewing Machines

This page contains all the Different Types of Sewing Machines that everyone should know about. Every person or industry need a different machine as per the need. A simple sewing machine is required for personal use, or if you want to shift your hobby into the profession then you required a well-featured machine.

You must also have to know for which purpose you want a sewing machine. If you want to do quilting and embroidery work. Then, you have to choose the best sewing machines for embroidery and quilting work and also know the tips to buy best sewing machine before taking any decision to buy.

So, let’s start our topic and see the types of sewing machines. Many people will be surprised after seeing the all Different Types of Sewing Machines. All these are best sewing machine under $100 , $200 and $500.

10 Different Types of Sewing Machines

10 Different Types of Sewing Machines

Domestic model sewing machine

The domestic model sewing machine is most commonly used at home for a little bit of stitching. This machine function is too simple that anyone can do stitching work easily. This machine is capable to sew clothes with this model. This is the best choice use to the domestic model sewing machine for personal use.

Industrial sewing machine type

This type of machine is best to use if you have to work for many hours. Without any lack, Industrial model sewing machines can work for a long time continuously.

Hand operated sewing machine

There is a wheel handle to run the machine by manual force of hand. This is the old sewing machine by still effective to give good results in stitching.

Treadle sewing machine

This is stand base machine. The machine will run only after an apply of manual force.

Mechanical sewing machines

This gives an extra feature to adjust the stitch length and width. But not the best sewing machines for large project. Mechanical sewing machines come at a very affordable price. This type of machine works on a single electric motor.

Electronic sewing machine

An Electronic sewing machine comes with an advanced feature of LCD and touch screen system. It comes with many unique stitches design and a buttonhole system.

Computerized sewing machine

We can say that a computerized sewing machine is an extension of an Electronic sewing machine. The computerized sewing machine has an extra feature to do embroidery work also by easily setting up the program.

Mini sewing machines

A mini sewing machine is light in weight and portable. This machine offers to do sew in a straight line. Mini sewing machines are perfect of small projects.

Lockstitch machine

Lockstitch machine is the most commonly used sewing machine. It sews straight line as well as zigzag stitching. It gives a good outcome of stitching because it uses two threads, one thread from the top and another thread from takes from the bobbin.

Chain stitch machine

A chain stitch machine uses only a single thread to sew and creates a loop under and around the fabric. You can sew straight as well as zigzag stitches.

In this article, we have discussed all Different Types of Sewing Machine models that are available in the market.

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