How To Choose Best Embroidery Sewing Machine

How To Choose Best Embroidery Sewing Machine

First time buying embroidery sewing machine can be difficult for anyone. You can classify the needs which you want from an embroidery sewing machine. Embroideries are used at home as well as in industries.

Many people are confused about how to choose the best embroidery sewing machine. The decision for choosing an embroidery machine depends on what purpose do you want to purchase a sewing machine.

What Is An Embroidery?

Embroidery is used for decorating clothes and makes them attractive. It can be done by the handicraft with the use of a needle, thread and scissors, and some design patterns. But, handicraft embroidery takes lots of time as compared to an embroidery sewing machine.

Tips To Choose Best Embroidery Sewing Machine

Low cost

First, remember the thing that embroidery sewing machine will be low in price. If you buy a costly sewing machine, it doesn’t mean it contains all the features. Sometimes, inexpensive sewing machines also fulfill our basic needs relating to embroidery.

Speed adjuster

The main thing in an embroidery sewing machine is speed control. You have to adjust the speed according to the fabric quality.

Use of multi needles

With the use of multi needles, you can create colorful embroidery designs on the fabric. More creativity increases the price of the fabric.

Maximum built stitches

The number of maximum built is stitched should me more. More stitches built means more design patterns you will decorate on your fabric.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Home Use

  • Janome 350E
  • Brother PE770

Key features of Janome 350E embroidery machine

  1. A Janome 350E sewing machine provides an auto thread cutter which saves your time while embroidering.
  2. It comes with the 100 built stitches pattern by which you can decorate your material.
  3. You can easily download other designs by the LCD given the embroidery sewing machine.

Key features of Brother PE770 embroidery machine      

  1. Brother PE770 is an embroidery machine for a beginner as well as home use.
  2. You will get 136 built stitches, which helps you create more unique designs and will add value to your material.

Best Embroidery Machine For Industry Use

  • Janome MB-4S, 4 needle embroidery sewing machine
  • Bernina E16- 16 needle embroidery machine

Key features of Janome MB-4S embroidery sewing machine

  1. Janome MB-4S gives you an extra-large bobbin on which you can wound more threads for embroidering your fabric.
  2. It comes with an automated computer screen. It helps you to edit your embroidery work and you can easily make changes.

Key features of Brother E16 embroidery machine

  1. Brother E16 embroidery machine gives the foot adjuster. With the help of this, you can control the foot adjuster according to the design we apply to the fabric.
  2. It is a cheap embroidery machine which you can buy for your business purpose.


All embroidery sewing machines have different quality and prices. Before making a purchase, you should think for which purpose do you want to buy a machine. For home, you can choose the Brother PE770 embroidery machine and for industry, the Janome MB-4S embroidery machine is best.

Brother brand offering Brother Coupon to all the valid customers which can helps to grab your huge saving. If you want light weight machine then, you should buy Singer handheld sewing machine which is easy to carry.

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